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Keep Your Fire Hydrants & Extinguishers Up To Code With NextGen

Keep your fire hydrants and extinguishers up to code with help from NextGen Integrated Solutions.It’s possible to fight some fires with fire, but building blazes are better battled with fire extinguishers and hydrants. NextGen Integrated Solutions is ready to provide certified inspections when it’s time for your annual extinguisher and hydrant checkup.

Our fire safety experts will make sure your equipment is in proper working order thanks to our thorough inspection process, which includes:

  • Extinguisher Cleaning
  • O-Ring Replacement
  • Fill to Ensure Proper Chemical Balance
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The hydrant inspection process is similar. Our technicians check hydrants for damage before turning them on to make sure the water flow is sufficient.

Advanced Inspection Technology

By utilizing our advanced barcoding technology, NextGen automates the inspection process as much as possible. We label all of your extinguishers and fire safety equipment with bar codes, and every time an inspection occurs, you can access the report online! Not only does this system keep inspections organized and ensure they are performed on time, but you can print, review, and track the results in real time from anywhere.

On-Site Recharging Saves Money

Fire extinguishers and hydrants have to work when you need them to, but with NextGen you can rest easy. Our friendly professional inspectors will come to your site and perform all the necessary services. A professionally recharged extinguisher is much less expensive than a brand new one.

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