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Ensure Your Code Compliance By Calling NextGen Integrated Solutions

Thanks to advanced technology, a NextGen Integrated Solutions emergency lighting and signage inspection ensures that your building is always safe and up to code. NextGen uses barcoding technology to ensure your emergency lighting and exit signs provide your building the path to safety you’ll need during an emergency.

How Does It Work?

By law, every emergency light and lighted exit sign in your building must be inspected at least once per year. Upon initial inspection with NextGen, each light or sign receives a unique barcode, and the advantages flow from there:

  • Convenient Online Reports
  • Review, Track, and Print from Anywhere
  • Automatic Alerts for Needed Repairs or for Missing Signs
  • Schedule Tracking — Never Miss a Required Inspection
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In addition to advanced technology, why else should you choose NextGen for your lighting and exit sign inspections?

  • Customized Services — We pride ourselves on personalized, customized solutions for all our clients. Each NextGen inspection gets tailored to suit your business needs.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — We will keep working until you are happy.

  • Local & Trusted — As a locally owned company, NextGen has established a reputation in the Las Vegas Valley for our attention to detail.

  • Complete Fire Protection Service — As your one-stop area shop for fire safety solutions, NextGen can inspect and maintain all aspects of your protection system.

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By nature, damage to emergency lights and exit signs is easy to overlook. Most people never notice these items until they’re needed, which is why the law requires annual inspections. Put those inspections into the hands of the certified inspection experts at NextGen Integrated Solutions. Call us at (702) 270-4499 today!