As you probably already know, it is Poison Prevention Week and NextGen Integrated Solutions has a few tips for you. There are about 2 million poisonings reported each year and 90% of them occur at home. While most non-fatal events occur with children younger than 6, poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in adults. We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of keeping your home safe, so please follow these tips we have put together for you.

Read labels – before you settle for a purchase, check the product ingredients. Most common house hold products contain harmful chemicals so thoroughly examine what you are buying and the risks involved. Whenever possible, please purchase household products without chemicals, it’s simply a better choice for your family and pets.

Do not leave poisonous products unattended – it takes that one split moment for something bad to happen. Always keep in mind that cleaning products, medicine, and such need to be stored away in a safe place. If you have children and pets, please keep these products locked up with safety locks or somewhere where they cannot reach them.

Be aware of contents in your handbag – a lot of times we do not think of this. Your handbag can contain products with harmful ingredients such as perfume and makeup; keep your purse out of reach of children and pets.

Keep your products in original packaging – do not, for any reason remove harmful substances from their original packaging, this can create confusion and you won’t have the original label with ingredients and poisoning information

Plants can be poisonous – many backyards in Las Vegas are decorated with the oleander plant and that is a very poisonous plant that can cause a fatal reaction if consumed. Please keep children and pets away from any poisonous plants.

Carbon monoxide – prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by having a functioning carbon monoxide detector in your home and keep your fireplace and appliances working properly.

In case of a poisoning, call 911 right away; do not hesitate for any reason. If you are handling the person who consumed life-threatening chemicals, please do not make them vomit or give anything, unless it is directed on the product’s original package label.

You can keep your home safe just by following a few simple steps; this way you can always be assured that your home is fool proof when it comes to poisoning prevention.