Even In Vegas, There Are Some Things You Don’t Gamble On

NextGen Integrated Systems meet yous access control needs.Controlling who has access not only to your building but also to sensitive areas inside your building can be complicated. For instance, who can get inside the records room? And when? NextGen Integrated Solutions can help you simplify the answer to how you control access to your Las Vegas area building.

NextGen utilizes advanced technology, providing advantages such as:

  • Simplified Access Control — As your business grows, so does your space. State-of-the-art technology from NextGen makes answering the common access questions of who, when and where simple and efficient.
  • Entry Logs — With access control systems, you’ll know who entered what part of the building and when entry was made.
  • Peace of Mind — Electronic locks on timers means you never have to worry about locking up at the end of the day.
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As with all our services, NextGen offers a number of options to suit different needs. We have experience designing and installing a variety of access control systems including fingerprint, keycard and programmable codes. Each system can be customized to grant individual or group access, allowing you to trace the comings and goings inside your building.

Why Choose NextGen?

  • Locally Owned — As a locally owned company, NextGen provides personalized service. When you choose us, you know that your building security partner is never far away.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — Our trusted security reputation is a product of our 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. We’ll keep working on your access system until you are happy.
  • Experienced & Trusted — NextGen has been installing high-quality access control system in the area since 1998. We’ve earned the endorsement of someone who knows a thing or two about security, retired sheriff Bill Young.

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NextGen has experts who enjoy helping other local businesses implement and install access control systems. Call (702) 270-4499 today to speak with an expert about your access control system needs.